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CLOS DES FOUS CLOS DES FOUS - Cauquenina Blend - 2013

CLOS DES FOUS Cauquenina Blend 2013

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93 Points

The nose of the balsamic blend 2013 Cauquenina reminded me of the Latuffa -- exotic, perfumed, minty, hinting on eucalyptus, cola nut and dried flowers. It's a multi-grape blend from six old vineyards, some field blends and some with separate varieties; it's made up of almost half of Carignan (Cariñena) with Syrah and Malbec, as well as some 5% to 6% each of Carmenere and Portuguais Bleu, with no oak whatsoever. The palate is superbly integrated and compact, very tasty with lively acidity and a mineral finish. Again, this has a marked style/profile, very showy and aromatic. This has to be one of the best values in Chile, a pleasant red that is so easy to drink, it might be dangerous... 27,596 bottles produced.

Luis Gutierrez, December 2015

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