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MONTRESOR MONTRESOR - Amarone della Valpolicella - 2013

MONTRESOR Amarone della Valpolicella 2013

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92 Points

Velvety, opulent, intense.
For Amarone lovers, this beautiful black bottle, gilded with gold, will be a delicious and appreciated gift.
It is made for savoury dishes like osso bucco and game, but fares well with hearty mushroom risotto, aged pecorino or parmesan or even chocolate.
The notes here are opulent and velvety; rich warm chocolate, smoked and preserved cherries, dried rose petals, exotic spices, wild herbs and espresso. The palate is equally weighty and intense with a slick, glycerol texture and flavours of cherries in syrup and spiced bittersweet cocoa. Lengthy and nicely hewn with balanced acidity to keep it from being too ponderous. It has a long and fresh finish. 

December 2016

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