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Having dreamed of acquiring a Tuscan estate, Thomas Bär, a Swiss born lawyer and banker, ended his search when he encountered Gagliole. His challenge, however, was just beginning as the owner of the estate was not willing to sell it. The charm of Gagliole so profoundly captivated him that rather than resume his search for another property, Thomas persisted.

Finally, ten years later, the owner relented and Gagliole was his. It then took another ten years of refurbishing and revitalizing to bring the winery to a level needed to create world-class Tuscan wine. With the help of his top-notch team consisting today of consulting oenologist Stefano Chioccioli and agronomist Tobias Frommann, Thomas' dream has been realized and Gagliole consistently creates very small quantities of some of the world's most unforgettable wines.