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Rías Baixas is a relatively new D.O. (established in 1988) along the Spanish-Portuguese border in northwest Spain. The grape of choice here is Albariño, which is possibly Spain's most intriguing white grape variety. It has begun to command considerable attention from knowledgeable consumers worldwide.

Cool and coastal this region is a far cry from the landscapes we usually think of when contemplating Spanish wine. Granite soils and high winds mark the region; in fact the winds are so strong that the posts on which the vines are trained are hewn from the local granite to protect the vines from the intense gales. The stone, wind and cool temperatures ensure a wine marked by fresh acidity and minerality. This freshness is coupled with an intriguingly fleshy peach-apricot character making it a great foil for the famous Galician seafood. Our local bounty of top quality ocean produce obviously makes for a delicious parallel.

Founded in 1990, Bodegas Terras Gauda is a dynamic and important producer, bringing both investment and technology to the region. Their wines have set a high standard for the emerging D.O.