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From the time of Ancient Rome to the present day, the Argiano estate has made the history of the territory of Montalcino, becoming one of its most prestigious and traditional elements, a valuable ambassador for its wines on the world stage and proud to have contributed to the birth of the Brunello Consortium.

The story goes that, in Ancient Roman times, the estate lands were home to the Ara Jani, the legendary temple built in honour of the God Janus. A document dated 1208 certifies the submission of Argiano to the authority of the abbey of Sant’Antimo, with the related obligation to pay a special tax to the Municipality of Siena in order to pay off debts incurred as a result of the war against Florence. At the end of the 14th century, the lands of Argiano were taken over by the Republic of Siena, subsequently changing hands among the most important families of the Siena area of the time.

The history of Argiano took an about-turn while it was owned by Siena’s noble Pecci family, with the construction between 1581 and 1596 of the splendid villa, an example of 16th century aristocratic residential architecture. Thanks also to the construction of the cellar, it was during those same years that Argiano developed its winemaking vocation.

Ownership of the estate changed hands over the centuries among various noble families, until the 19th century, when it came into the possession, and under the enlightened management, of Lady Ersilia Caetani Lovatelli, who succeeded in introducing and promoting Argiano’s wines in the finest cultural circles of the time.

The great Italian poet Giosuè Carducci wrote a verse at the time saying “nella quale asprezza mi tersi col vin d’Argiano, il quale è molto buono…” (in the harshness of which I cleansed myself with Argiano wine, which really is good…).

Present with its Brunello at the II Mostra Mercato dei Vini Tipici d’Italia (Second Market and Exhibition of Typical Italian Wines) of 1935, as Fattoria di Argiano, the estate was awarded two valuable certificates of recognition: a winemaking attribution and also a gold medal at the Brussels Food Fair in 1932 for the production of prestigious table and dessert wines.

In 1967, Argiano made the history of Brunello di Montalcino, participating with other historical wineries from the area in the foundation of the Brunello Consortium.

In 1992, the assets of Argiano passed into the hands of Countess Noemi Marone Cinzano, who introduced important innovations into the winery’s management. She began working with the internationally acclaimed oenologist Giacomo Tachis, a partnership which led to the birth of the Super Tuscan Solengo; the cultivation of the Sangiovese vineyards was expanded, and the cellars were renovated and modernized.

Ownership has since transferred to a group of Brazilian businessmen, however the passion to continuously elevate Argiano remains.