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The history of Langoa-Barton and Leoville-Barton is the history of a family who has managed to preserve its inheritance for more than 2 centuries. Langoa-Barton is the older brother, having been purchased and established first. The history may by traced back to 1722, when Irishman Thomas Barton left his native land for foreign shores and settled in Bordeaux where he established a wine trading company. It is Thomas' grandson Hugh Barton, however, that we have to thank for the Barton’s involvement in making wine as he purchased Château Langoa Barton in 1821 and a portion of the great Léoville estate, which was to become Château Léoville Barton in 1826.

Today, the Barton family still runs and owns the two estates. Anthony Barton took over ownership and management of the properties from his uncle Ronald Barton in 1983. Anthony has been integral in augmenting and improving the quality of wine from both properties, changing from average performers for their classification to being consistently, very highly rated. Anthony has recently passed ownership to the next generation (his daughter, Liliane) but he remains involved in both properties.