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Domaine BONNET-HUTEAU is located in the heart of Muscadet Sèvre et Maine, 20 minutes from Nantes and 10 km from Clisson, a small town with an Italianate charm along the river Sèvre Nantaise.

This domain owns a medieval house which was the origin of the town La Chapelle-Heulin and has been producing Muscadet for over 150 years. The BONNET HUTEAU family runs their vineyard in order to develop the whole range of flavours of Muscadet Sèvre et Maine Haute Expression. The property stretches over 3 localities with different mineral terroirs expressing the balance of the wines. Each batch of grape harvest is identified and isolated by its terroir and vinified separately.

Rémi and Jean-Jacques Bonnet have been practising viticulture respectful of the soil and nature, handpicked and with limited yields for over 12 years.

All 40 hectares of the domain are certified Organic by ‘Agriculture Biologique’ and the brothers do not use any synthetic chemicals. They officially started working the entire domain using a biodynamic approach in 2010 and this approach has allowed the brothers to produce pure, natural and living wines fully expressing the minerality of the various soils ("Biodyvin" Certification ongoing).