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CLOS DES FOUS CLOS DES FOUS - Cauquenina - 2014

CLOS DES FOUS Cauquenina 2014

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92 Points

The red blend 2014 Cauquenina mixes grapes from the old, dry-farmed Secano Interior and coastal zones of Maule on red granite soils, fermented and then blended. The final blend varies greatly with the vintage, as they pay more attention to the soils. This is a majority of País and Carignan with Malbec, Syrah and always a pinch of Portuguais Bleu. It's always minty and balsamic, with notes of menthol. The palate is more austere than what I expected, somehow earthy and with some dusty tannins and a slightly bitter finish.

April 2017

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