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Jean-Marc Brocard's origins lie in the Côte d'Or. For he is a farmer's son from the village of Chaudenay-le-Château, not even the son of the vigneron. It was an accident of marriage that brought him to wine, he married Claudine (his childhood sweetheart), a vigneron's daughter from the village of St-Bris-le-Vineux in the valley of Yonne.

Starting with a hectare of vines from his father-in-law, Emile Petit, he has created an estate of some 180 hectares vineyards in Chablis and Burgundy.

Jean-Marc acknowledges a considerable debt to one of the old vignerons of St-Cyr les Colons, a man Louis Petit, who despite the name is unrelated to his father-in-law. The oldest vines of the Domaine Sainte Claire came from Louis Petit and it was he who gave to Jean-Marc the sense of tradition and a respect for nature, showing him that you can still maintain the old traditions, while practicing modern methods. Born and bred, devoted to the land and it's characterful wines.The Brocard family eat similar dishes to their parents and grandparents, relying as much as possible on what they can grow or shoot themselves.

Borcard is also very Committed Eco-friendly viticulture, Julien Brocard, Jean-Marc's son, an Engineering graduate began a project in 1997 to move towards organics and Biodynamics starting with 11 ha. Today, 60 hectares are certified organic and 40 hectares are farmed biodynamic .

Jean-Marc says "The truth of wine lies in the soil where it has grown. The technique is an important factor in the wine growing, but it is only an aid, the wine is essentially the product of its soil." Also, "The soil of Chablis is exceptional and cannot be found anywhere in the world; therefore I am a hard believer of the future of Chablis even for the next Millennium."

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  • Wine Advocate

    Brocard is a major producer in Chablis with an array of holdings in good volumes. This goes hand-in-hand with consistency across their range, despite the hail. The 2015s are full of well-crafted wines.

    Neal Martin, August 2017


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